There's a Merlot for Everyone (Even You!)

It's a magical time of the year. A time when we celebrate one of the most classic, one of the most widely planted, and one of the most misunderstood grapes. Yes, it's that time.

It's Merlot Month.

Among the questions I get on a regular basis, "Why aren't you Meg & Gamay?" is one of the most frequent. For starters, I love alliteration. There's a 0.0% chance I would have named my blog something without alliteration. While "Meg & Gamay" does sound quite nice, it just doesn't fit the bill. Sorry.

But I didn't name my blog after Merlot just because it starts with an M. I also have a lot of respect for Merlot. It's a fighter who went out of style and made a comeback. (Fine, still in the process, but close enough.) It's an icon that has basked in glory and weathered defeat. I didn't want a blog name that sounded trendy. I wanted a name that I knew would stick with me for the long run. Not saying I will never change my blog's name, but no matter what comes and goes, I won't need to in order to feel relevant. Merlot doesn't care if you're here for it or not. It will be making delicious wines until you get back.

That brings me to another question I get a lot: "What are your favorite bottles of Merlot?" And I'm so happy you asked!! Contrary to popular belief, I actually drink a good amount of Merlot and am happy to share my favorites for every style of wine lover. From classic to new school, you get a Merlot. And you get a Merlot. And yeah, you there in the back, you get a Merlot, too.

Merlot Guide for Every Type of Wine Lover

Have you always loved Merlot?
For the classic Bordeaux lover:
- Chateau La Vielle Cure Fronsac: $27 from
- Chateau La Bastienne Montagne-St. Émilion: $20 from
- Chateau Barde-Haut Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Classé: $45 from

Are you a fan of Italian wines?
For the Italian wine lover:
- Querceto di Castellini Podalirio Tuscany: $35 from winery
- Solatione Rossombroso Tuscany: $40 from winery

Do you love big, bold reds?
For the Cab Sauv lover:
- Grgich Hills Merlot Napa Valley: $45 from
- Frog's Leap Merlot Rutherford: $42 from
- Duckhorn Merlot Napa Valley*: $50 from
- Goldschmidt Vineyard Chelsea Merlot Alexander Valley*: $21 from

Are you always one step ahead?
For the trendsetter:
- Hill Family Estate Beau Terre Merlot Napa Valley: $46 from winery
- Smith Devereux Single Vineyard Merlot Napa Valley*: $40 from winery
- Peju Province Winery Merlot Napa Valley*: $48 from winery
- Rust en Vrede Merlot Stellenbosch: $22 from

Is it important for your wine to give back?
For the philanthropist:
- Upsidedown Estate Merlot Columbia Valley: $25 from winery
- Indaba Merlot South Africa: $10 from

Are you a health nut?
For the natural wine lover:
- Amplify Wines Lightworks Volume 1 Santa Barbara: $27 from Astor Wines
- Chateau Leydet-Valentin Saint-Émilion: $43 from
- Hector Wine Company Merlot Finger Lakes: Available at tasting room

Do you want to save a few dollars?
For the bargain hunter:
- Bonny Doon I Am Not Drinking Any $%&*#! Merlot California: $17 from Astor Wines
- Decoy Merlot Sonoma County*: $20 from
- Chateau Mayne Vieil Cuvee Alienor Fronsac: $18 from
- Joel Gott Merlot California: $19 from
- Chateau Les Graves de Viaud Les Cadets Côtes de Bourg: $13 from Astor Wines
- Mercer Brothers Horse Heaven Hills Merlot Columbia Valley*: ~$20, contact winery

Now that I've answered two of your frequent questions, I want to know: what's your favorite Merlot?

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* Wines provided as samples. Read my sample and review policy here.