Weekly Wine Grab Bag: September 5, 2019

Following along with grape harvest is a bit like watching football for me. I'm excited to see how it unfolds, but also don't fully understand what's going on having never played football or made wine. It's interesting and suspenseful, and I know just enough about the rules to get by in casual conversation. The fact that they start around the same time in the Northern Hemisphere is a poetic cherry on top of my simile sundae!

This week let's take a lap and see how things are going with vintage 2019. (Or in the Southern Hemisphere's case, how things went.)

This Week: Vintage 2019 Check-in

Wine of the Week: Unusual Rosé from Lake County

Arnot-Roberts 2018 California Rosé is 80% Touriga Nacional and 20% Tinta Cão from the Luschinger Vineyard in Clear Lake. Both grapes are from Portugal and have traditionally been used for red wine and Port, but Arnot-Roberts is creating an unique rosé that is particularly unusual for the U.S. Crisp and fruity, notes of watermelon, cantaloupe, and cherry are accented by orange zest, salinity, and saffron. Keep your eyes open for the 2019!

Quod Vinum

Thanks to its adaptability and resiliency in extreme temperatures, Touriga Nacional is getting a lot of attention outside of its native Portugal, where it is a primary Port grape. It was recently approved in Bordeaux in response to unprecedented temperatures. The other newly approved grapes are Alvarinho, Marselan, Petit Manseng, Arinarnoa, Castets, and Lillorila.

(Source: WineSearcher)

From the Meg & Merlot Archives

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