Weekly Wine Grab Bag: September 12, 2019

When I started this series I said that sometimes there would be current news and sometimes there would be random resources depending on my current interests. This week we have both.

You know how most children play with dolls and coloring books? Instead, I used to flip through my Dad's old school road atlas for hours. And the fact that I lost the 8th grade geography bee still really bothers me. (It was a weather question—LAME.) The point is: I love maps. In another life, I was a cartographer. So when I discovered wine, maps of regions immediately became my favorite learning tool.

This week I'm treating you to some of my favorite wine region maps. It's not a list of all of the wine maps. It's a list of the ones I use, reference, and enjoy the most. I hope you find them valuable, too.

If anyone knows where I can get one of these for my living room, let me know. For real.

This Week: My Favorite Wine Region Maps

From the Meg & Merlot Archives

Since we've got a Barolo map above, how about a Piemonte double-header?

Falling Back in Love in Piedmont is a journey of discovery—both wine and self. From boredom and frustration to appreciation and inspiration.

Tasting My Way Through the Langhe is a tour through Roero, Barbaresco, and Barolo. A Nebbiolo lover's dream come true.

No grab bag next week! I'll be in the Windy City watching baseball and eating pizza!