September: Hager Matthias Grüner Veltliner Pét-Nat

I wear only black clothes 365 days/year, but if I did wear white, I'd be fine with sporting it after Labor Day. I mean, hi, I'm the person who told you to drink white wine in January. Want to wear white jeans while you're doing it? Go for it!

This September, let's celebrate you post-Labor Day, white frock-wearing rebels with a bubbly version of a white varietal most bloggers reserve for summer.

"Grüner What?"

Like most German-sounding grapes, Grüner Veltliner suffers from a difficult name for Americans. I personally love saying it but I can totally see how it is jarring for a new wine drinker! It is worth the effort though—promise. There are two very important things to know beyond its name:
  • It is grown and loved the most in Austria.
  • It is extraordinarily food friendly. Weird green veggies? Grab the Grüner.
Grüner can be made still or sparkling and is almost always dry. Many describe its wines as zesty, nutty, and spicy with flavors of limes, lemon, apples, nectarines, white pepper, green bell pepper, and ginger. Wine Folly calls it an "exotic alternative to Sauvignon Blanc."
Pétillant Naturel or Pet-Nat (adj.): Sparkling wine made by méthode ancestral, meaning it is bottled during fermentation. Often found under crown cap.

It's Time to Replace Your Apple Cider

Hager Matthias grows their Grüner Veltliner grapes in loam, loess, schist soils in the Kamptal region of Austria. They hand-harvest, use native yeasts, follow organic/biodynamic guidelines, and forego fining and filtering to create what many would refer to as a "natural" wine.
Natural winemaking (n.): Hands-off vineyard and cellar practices.
The resulting wine is a very worthy replacement for apple cider this September. It has key pet-nat characteristics, like yeasty aromas, a little funk, and lots of bubbles. But the most pronounced quality of this wine is its likeness to sparkling apple cider. Fresh apple flavors jump out of the glass in big bubble bursts. Behind the bushels of apples there's bright lemon, stone fruit, chalk, and that pet-nat funky yeast that will remind you of beer. This is a really nice alternative for your autumn parties if you're looking for something a bit exotic.

My Notes
Wine: Hager Matthias 2017 Pétillant Naturel Grüner Veltliner
Appearance: A little hazy, medium, lemon, bubbles.
Nose: Clean, pronounced intensity, aromas of lemon, lemon curd, yellow apples, red apples, white peach, chalk, yeast, lager-style beer.
Palate: Dry, medium+ acid, medium body, creamy bubbles, medium+ intensity, flavors of red apples, yellow apples, fresh pressed apple juice, lemon curd, yeast, lager-style beer, some white pepper, crushed chalk.
Finish: Medium
Quality: Very good
Price: Purchased for $24.99

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