My Faves at Pittsburgh Wine Festival

Now that my review of the event is done, let's talk about some vino!! While I felt the selection was skewed toward Big, Bold Reds, I'm really happy with the wines I got to try. Some were right up my alley and others I wouldn't have tasted otherwise. Next year I'd like to see more of a range, particularly in whites, but there were plenty of good wines!

Below you'll find five out of the ~50 wines that I tasted. If you'd like to see the full list of wines I tried, I made a public Google sheet with wineries, types, and years. If you have questions on any, just contact me!
For more on the event, check out my review.

My Top Five at Pittsburgh Wine Festival

Viberti 2013 Buon Padre Barolo DOCG

A little young for a Barolo! But showing so nicely already. Despite some tightness, its good bones were on display. Dusty rose petals, red and black cherries, spoonful of baking spices, and a very healthy dose of astringent tannins. This will be a showstopper in five to 10 years.

Shout out to Adam from 'Burghundy to bringing me to this table!

Ok, we all know that Cabernet Sauvignon is not my expertise but I do know a good one when I taste it—I swear! This is an example of oak done right on a Big, Bold Red. Filled to the brim with baskets of berries, this wine is smokey, spicy, earthy, and, to me, elegant.

Ken Wright Cellars 2016 Abbott Claim Vineyard Pinot Noir

Speaking of elegant: hey there, Ken Wright, I see you! This is also going to need some more time since it's just a baby. Right now it's all velvet red berries but I'm expecting (hoping) it will mature and gain complexity. Personally, I see the potential here.

Another Barolo? They're just so good! And this one is starting to hit its stride. Bright fruits; delicate, floral perfume; and rich spices leap out of the wine glass. It definitely has many more years left in it but it is tasting fine in its 10th trip around the sun.

To be honest, by this point in the night I was tired and a little tipsy. I wasn't even looking at what I was tasting and snapped back to attention with "wait, this is Chardonnay, right?" Uh, duh. Embarrassing wine moment! Anyway, its tell? Creamy butter. Once I came back down to Earth, I was in beautiful Burgundy giving my palate a short break from red wine.

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