Three Criteria for Picking Your Own "House Wine"

We've all seen "house red" and "house white" on restaurant menus before, but recently I've been noticing more wine lovers referring to their favorite wines as their own "house wine." As in, what they like to keep stocked for a casual Wednesday in their own home. The more I see the term used this way, the more I like it! And it got me thinking, do I have a house wine? What makes a good house wine? It turns out, I do, and I used mine to create three criteria to help you pick your own.

How to Pick You Own "House Wine"

1. Within your budget.
Save your pennies for a special occasion and keep your house wine affordable. For me, that means it has to be under $20.

2. Easily available within your market.
I am all about ordering wine online but for my Wednesday wine, I want something I can easily grab while I'm out running errands.

3. Pairs well with a variety of food.
Do you really want to use your brain at the end of the long work day? Keep your wine rack stocked with something you know pairs well with your favorite dishes.

And of course, it has to be yummy!

The House Wine at My Place

At my apartment, you'll almost always find Marcel Lapierre Raisins Gaulois and Trimbach Riesling. Raisins Gaulois is a declassified Beaujolais (Gamay), mostly from the Morgan cru. You know Bojo is my fave, and you met the Trimbach Riesling just a few posts ago! Both wines check all three boxes for me: available at the "premium" PA liquor control board stores, under $20, and great with food. Pennsylvania folks, here are the links if you'd like to check their availability in your county:

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