Your Guide to Christmas Wine Pairing

Another big holiday feast is upon us! Is it just me or does it feel like everyone eats something different for Christmas? In my family, we incorporate quite a few main dishes: ham, fish, and meatballs in red sauce on Christmas Eve and turkey on Christmas Day. But I know a lot of other people eat beef, vegetarian alternatives, and/or an array of seafood. Unlike Thanksgiving, it just doesn't feel like we have a standardized menu, and I like that!

Given the variation, I'm giving you a handy guide to pairing wine with the most common main dishes. If your family is like mine, this means you'll need a few different types! Or you can just get sparkling wine and call it a day.
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Don't forget the cookies and Port for dessert!

What does your family eat on Christmas? If I left it out, let me know in the comments and I'll help you pair it!

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