Three Strategies for Gifting Wine

Is there an direct opposite to "procrastinator"? I guess it would just be "planner" or maybe "expeditor." Whatever it is, I am that. It isn't that I never procrastinate; it's just rare. One thing that I do put off is picking up a host gift. Luckily for me and for all you procrastinators out there, a bottle of wine is the perfect host gift. Actually, it's the perfect gift for everyone else, too. But like picking out wine for a group, it can be kind of daunting. Let's reduce your stress with these simple strategies for gifting a bottle of wine!

Don't forget a big bow!

Buy: A Bottle They Would Love

If you already know your friend or family member's favorite type of wine, you can pick up a bottle of that type for more than they would normally spend. For example, if they love mimosas with Prosecco at brunch, they will appreciate a nice bottle of Champagne. Or if they typically buy themselves basic Riesling, gift them a Prädikatswein.

If you have no idea what kind of wine they like, think about other things they enjoy. For the friend with a huge sweet tooth, how about a bottle of dessert wine like Port, Eiswein, or Sauternes? If they enjoy traveling, you can add a destination to their wishlist with a bottle from Hungary, Argentina, or South Africa. Be creative!
TIP: Make your gift extra special by spending a little more than your friend normally spends on themselves!

Buy: A Bottle Anyone Would Love

What if you know that the intended recipient likes wine but you don't know much else about them? You can give them a wine that anyone would love. In my opinion, the most universal wine is Pinot Noir. Please don't go cheap on this since bad Pinot Noir is the actual worst. (I liken it to an artificial mushroom taste.)

A good, nuanced Pinot Noir will please most people. It is subtle and light for white wine drinkers but it also has some tannin and body for red fans. There's truly little to complain about with a yummy Pinot Noir! Expect to spend at least $30 on a gift-worthy bottle and remember that many French bottles will be labeled as Burgundy or Bourgogne. In Germany it is Spätburgunder, which is fun to say!
TIP: Unsure of their preference? Go with the popular vote and get red.

Buy: A Bottle You Love and Want to Share

This is a risky route, but if you trust your wine tastes, it is an awesome way to gift a unique wine experience to your loved one. This strategy works if one or both of these are true: You have something truly distinct to share and/or your friend likes trying new things.
TIP: Don't buy a random bottle just because you like it. Make sure it has meaning!
If you recently visited a winery or wine region, share the cool wine you discovered with them! If they are adventurous and open-minded, gift them that funky natural wine, crazy pét-nat, or bizarre orange wine that you're currently sipping. But always remember that gifting is about the recipient. If they hate new things, reconsider this route. Or be selfish but don't make them try the new wine with you in case they hate it (no judgment here!).

Bonus: Last-Minute Lifesavers

If you're the ultimate procrastinator and you have to run into the liquor store moments before presenting your gift, you can never go wrong Champagne or rosé!

Need help picking out wine? Let's chat!

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