10 Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

The holidays are quickly approaching! Whether you're looking for something small or big for your favorite wine lover, there's a great gift for every budget. Below you'll find my top gift ideas and Amazon links to my recommendations. You're not going to find any "I Love Wine" signs here because I'm a big believer in functional gifts. I also noted if I own the exact item, if I own something similar, or if I added it to my own wishlist for Santa!

Everyone wants a wine gift under the tree!

Top 10 Wine Gift Ideas

Wine Fridge
This is a big ticket item for the wine enthusiast that you love the most! I own a similar wine fridge and it has greatly improved my wine game.

Bottle Cooler Sleeve
Remember that wine bar in Paris? They had this exact one and I have been dreaming about it ever since. (hint, hint, family members...)

Marble Bottle Chiller
This modern, sophisticated bottle chiller is perfect for the minimalist wine lover. It would also match the marble coasters in my living room perfectly. (I swear this is not just my wishlist...)

Waiter's Corkscrew
Ok, this is an item I actually own and LOVE. As my friends and family will tell you, I carry a waiter's corkscrew with me almost everywhere. Except this one because I don't want to lose it.

Fun but Functional Coasters
No one likes rings on their furniture but no one likes ugly coasters either. The chic wine lover will love these on-trend agate coasters.

Playful Cocktail Napkins
Cocktail napkins are the perfect little addition to any wine or alcohol gift. I have several packs in my closet for any occasion.

Universal Wine Glasses
I know a lot of wine experts prefer specific glasses for each varietal, but unless your favorite wine enthusiast is testing for their Master Sommelier certification, these are what they need. I have a very similar set.

Insulated Wine Tumbler
My family is very into Yeti tumblers but unfortunately they don't make wine tumblers (yet). Until that happens, I'm asking for one of these to satisfy my outdoor drinking needs.

Insulated Wine Tote
I have an embarrassing number of wine totes and I use them all the time—proof that this is the perfect gift for someone who brings wine everywhere.

Wine Tasting Flight Set
I came across this while I was digging through Amazon for my other choices and I immediately emailed it to "Santa" (aka my mom). How adorable?! You're going to need it for my upcoming post on hosting a wine tasting!

Looking for wine to go with your gift? You gotta go with bubbly for the holidays.

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