My First Blog Post!

Those of you who know me might be thinking: “Why a blog? Why now?” And those of you who don’t might be wondering: “Who are you? Do you even know anything about wine?”

I’m here to answer those questions and more! Let’s start with some basics on me for the strangers. (No offense, friends and family!) My name is Meg and I live in the quirky and cool city of Pittsburgh. Originally from Northeastern Pennsylvania, I called Washington, DC my home for about 11 years before hightailing it back to my home state. Turns out, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Moving to Pittsburgh has given me the time and energy to focus on the many things I love, like my family and friends, my cat Plato, vegetarian eats, traveling, and the reason you’re here—wine!

That's me on a trip to London, enjoying some Prosecco.

In 2017, I decided to amplify my oenophilia from casual imbibing to “formalized hobby”, as I’ve started calling it. To do that, I enlisted in wine education courses at my local wine school, and can report that I passed both WSET Level 1 and WSET Level 2. Thanks to many, many hours of studying, I was awarded “Pass with Distinction” on the Level 2 assessment—the highest grade someone can achieve on that test. (Level 1 is simply pass/fail.) So there you have it, I’m qualified to discuss wine, and it’s not just me who says it! WSET was an incredible experience and I look forward to sharing more about it with you.

Maybe now even the strangers (aka new friends) are questioning: “Ok, but why a blog?” Well, I have all of this information and insight, I figured I should share it with someone! From my perspective, anyone can find a great bottle of wine within their budget—they just need some information. I’ve drank a lot of good, memorable wines, but have I ever had a bottle of Château Mouton Rothschild? Unfortunately, no. (But it’s 100% on my bucket list.) Since I can’t afford that level of luxury, I create wine experiences for myself, friends, and family within a reasonable budget. Most of the wines I will discuss on this blog will be between $15 and $25. In addition to recommending wines, I’ll provide you with tips on finding good value wines. I’ll also link out to other wine resources that I’ve found helpful on my journey and provide wine book reviews and suggestions.

With the right information, you can enjoy both classic favorites and exotic, new finds—on your budget!