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Northern Italian Bubbles to Celebrate Spring

 It's officially springtime! Here in Pittsburgh spring often equals grey skies and rain, but this year we are enjoying beams of sunshine and glimmers of green as we approach April. At this time of year many people crave something bright and bubbly to fill their glass. For me, that typically means Champagne , but with Italian Wine Scholar-Prep underway, I'm pouring Italian bubbles this season. More specifically: Northern Italian sparkling wine. While Italians make fine examples of bubbly up and down the boot (and on the islands, too), the country's finest sparkling wine appellations are concentrated in the north. From Turin to Milan to Venice, Northern Italy features a range of unique sparkling wine appellations, each with their own personality. Whether you like fruity and fun or bold and traditional, there's something for you! Below you'll learn about my favorite designations and discover recommendations to try. Cheers! Or as the Italians say, "Cin cin!"

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