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Virtual Wine Tastings Are Good for Everyone

Remember when we thought things would be back to normal by the fall? ~LOL~ Since "normal" is still an interminable period away, many industries have innovated on their models and pivoted to new ways to connect with consumers. Even as things somewhat "re-open," the fact remains: not as many people are traveling or going out. Adapting to virtual platforms hasn't been easy for anyone, including the wine industry, which historically relied on people at wineries, shops, classes, and tastings.
But the wine industry is resilient. Although some have been more successful than others, for the most part the industry has quickly and creatively transitioned to virtual. And along the way, it's been building better connections with an important swath of wine consumers: those who never had the time or resources to access in-person wine experiences. Yes, they've certainly consumed wine marketing previous to now, but personal connections with wine professionals primarily …

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