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2020 Shopping Guide to Pennsylvania's Fine Wine & Good Spirits

"I just want to swing by the state store. What do you recommend there?" If you're reading this and you live in Pennsylvania, there's a solid chance you've asked me this question.

Due to our state-run Fine Wine and Good Spirits' historically lackluster selection, I've largely avoided this topic, opting instead to encourage folks to shop online. But I recently realized two things: 1. Shopping online for wine simply isn't for everyone (planning ahead, signing for packages, etc.). and 2. The Keystone State's selection is, dare I say, improving? (Not everywhere! But I'm feeling optimistic.)

So yeah, I finally did the damn thing... It took me several months, but I did it!

About this guide
This guide organizes my wine recommendations by style, premium/regular* collection, and price range at Pennsylvania's Fine Wine and Good Spirits, aka state stores. Emphasis on my recommendations—this is not an exhaustive take on everything in the Pennsylvania Li…

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