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The Best Value French Wines That I Drank in 2020

When I created this blog in 2017, I set out to help people drink the best wine for their money. That mission is truer today than ever before due to Covid-induced economic uncertainty. The pandemic has forced us all to take a critical look at many elements of our lives, including our finances. While you opened more bottles of wine at home and kept a closer eye on your accounts and holdings, I felt compelled to re-focus on this blog's original pursuit to unearth and share affordable gems. I also dedicated much of my year to studying for the French Wine Scholar exam, which I'll take in the beginning of 2021. With my studies guiding the way, I doubled down on a specific space: French wines under $20. Not an easy task, but a fun one! Throughout the year I tasted and took notes, and now it's time to share my favorites. Below you'll find unique value wines from across France. They aren't fancy, but they are full of French character. In 2020 we learned that what you sip on

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