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12 Wine Flight Ideas (Plus Free Template)

I wouldn't say I'm "extra" in general. Most things in my life are fairly average. Until wine gets involved, and then things go from basic to excessive really quick. "Doing the most," as the kids would say. (Or me, a 30-something.)

Wine flights amplify my "extra" to the extreme. Friends or family will ask me, "Do you mind picking out wine for (fill in event or holiday)?" Instead of doing just that, I pair my careful selections with brief educational materials. I just can't help myself! It's a great opportunity to help people connect with wine.

With a little time, creativity, and knowledge, you can also create a fun wine experience for yourself and your companions at your next gathering. Below you'll find the tools you need to get started: multi- and single-variety flight ideas for every type of wine lover, as well as a free, downloadable template with instructions. Go forth and get extra!

Multi-Variety FlightsHail a Cab

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