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Five Things That Surprised Me in the Finger Lakes

It might seem like I take wine trips a lot but half the time the trips find me. Work sent me to California for a conference, my friends invited me to Tuscany, and most recently, I had a bachelorette party to attend in the Finger Lakes. What kind of wine blogger would I be if I didn't take advantage of these opportunities?

And that's how I found myself driving up I-81 from my parents' house to Ithaca on an unseasonably cold, rainy day in June. Even though the southern tier of NY looks a lot like the northern tier of PA, there's something special about crossing the NY state border. It could be the sudden increase of Ontario license plates and Tim Hortons coffee (Hi, Canada), but more likely it's knowing that you're getting closer to world-class wine.

But what you'll find in the Finger Lakes might not be exactly what you expect. Sure, there are scenic lakes. And yes of course, there's fantastic Riesling. But beyond the obvious, there are intriguing details…

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